Daniel Kornguth
74 Cotton Mill Hill
Unit A-337
Brattleboro, VT 05301

I am a creator. Ideas percolate and I strive to actualize or manifest them.

I call myself a “plastic artist” because I shape and manipulate media to serve my creative expression.

I have always seen the world from a slightly different perspective. Though I was trained, formally, as a painter and have cultivated a host of technical skills ranging from woodworking to automotive repair, I have never lost my openness to unfamiliar ideas or my unwavering dedication to experimentation, whimsy and challenging conventional wisdom.

Ultimately, as an artist, community event organizer, martial artist, builder and wonderer, the primary asset I bring to any undertaking is creative – often non-linear – problem solving. My ability to draw from my hands-on experience and technical knowledge, while still allowing for inspiration and chance, is what distinguishes my contribution.